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  • First Financial is open-minded and creative, they find ways to help entrepreneurs - not a one size fits all. Morgan, FL
  • Absolutely recommend FFB, they know this business, which makes this process much smoother. Jason, TX
  • The lender was so helpful, thorough and responsive. Their industry specific experience matters, they made everything so easy for us! Audrey, IL

Veterinary Blog

Veterinarians Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Date: 06/08/2020

Clearly, the last few months have not been what anyone expected for 2020. Small businesses across the country are struggling and looking for ways to keep the doors open and take care of employees and customers. This includes our veterinary practices across the country.

FFB Providing Help to Veterinary Hospitals Across the Country during COVID-19

Date: 05/18/2020

As part of the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program provides resources to businesses to keep employees at work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Spotlight: Blue Heron Consulting

Date: 04/01/2020

Learn about Stith Keiser's unique perspective in the veterinary industry as a hospital owner and CEO of Blue Heron Consulting.

Challenge Yourself. Empower Yourself. Discover Your Why. Our WVC Experience

Date: 02/25/2020

First Financial Bank Veterinary Lending Division had a great week at WVC 2020 in Las Vegas. This year the theme for the 92nd annual convention was "Challenge Yourself. Empower Yourself. Discover Your Why." What an amazing theme to help us promote small business ownership and expansion.

A Guide to Purchasing a Veterinary Practice

Date: 02/07/2020

Purchasing a practice can be quite a task. In this guide, you will learn the key phases of acquiring financing for a veterinary practice and suggested actions for each phase.

A Small-Town Vet with a Big Dream

Date: 01/13/2020

Stepping out on your own is scary, challenging and every bit of an exciting adventure. Who better to stand by and support you than a bank willing to take a chance on a small-town girl with big dreams?

Networking Concepts to help Grow your Practice

Date: 12/24/2019

In the professional world we have all heard of "networking." Some of us like it, some just tolerate it. I'm sure most people in the world of veterinary medicine didn't decide to open their own practice just for the networking opportunities. It's safe to say they opened their own practice because they wanted to make a difference, help animals, and support their families. Is it hard to believe, that networking, when done correctly, is helping others, just as much as you are helping yourself?

Road Map to Starting a Veterinary Practice

Date: 08/01/2019

A lot of thought and effort goes into this choice, while keeping in mind there will be little to no financial reward for at least the first year. Before pursuing this goal, be certain that you're at a point in your life where you can give everything you have, plus more, to this new endeavor. It's never too early to start thinking about the idea of practice ownership, but make sure you have the experience and confidence to back it up.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Lending 101: Veterinary Edition

Date: 02/15/2018

Who doesn't have questions about borrowing money to purchase or start a veterinary practice?

Are You Ready for Practice Ownership?

Date: 01/24/2018

There are several key factors to consider when deciding to buy a veterinary practice.