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Financial solutions for veterinary professionals with First Financial Bank | VETgirl

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Have you ever considered owning a practice or buying into a practice, but the financial intimidation is keeping you from moving forward? You aren’t alone, and Stith Keiser is here to shed some light on the message of financial wellness with the help of First Financial Bank. Stith harnessed his passion for veterinary medicine and finances to become an expert in everything related to veterinary business, monetary literacy and securing financial stability through job satisfaction. Today he is here to explain how to have a positive impact on the field of veterinary medicine through the financial window.

  • First Financial is open-minded and creative, they find ways to help entrepreneurs - not a one size fits all. Morgan, FL
  • Absolutely recommend FFB, they know this business, which makes this process much smoother. Jason, TX
  • The lender was so helpful, thorough and responsive. Their industry specific experience matters, they made everything so easy for us! Audrey, IL