Cash Management

Managing your business cashflow is easier than ever with the convenience of free cash management services. Handle a number of banking functions, like paying loans and taxes, transferring funds, handling payroll, and much more without even leaving your office.

Cash management offers our commercial customers the luxury of additional time to focus on other important tasks. Increase your efficiency by signing up today.

Cash Management
  • Safe, secure, and free for business customers
  • Available 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Greater control of your company's finances with this consolidated tool
  • Manage a wide range of business banking functions in one convenient place
  • Get accurate account information
  • Find out which checks and deposits have cleared or are about to clear
  • Pay loans and taxes
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Stop payment on checks
  • Easily reconcile accounts and download data to accounting system
  • Make more informed business decisions
  • Save precious time; eliminate unnecessary bank trips for multiple tasks

  • Originate electronic payments (credits/debits)
  • Secure and efficient processing of funds
  • Directly deposit employee payroll
  • Pay suppliers
  • Collect receivables
  • Streamlined recordkeeping
  • Fewer errors in accounting, reducing human error
  • Eliminates expenses and time delays of paper checks
Wire Transfers

Move money without having to move from your office desk with the convenience of our wire transfer services.

  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Move money quickly, without a lot of hassle
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers
  • Create single wire transfers or templates for recurring transfers

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