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COVID-19 has brought about a multitude of changes around the world, and one that is being talked about most is homeschooling. Kathy Daily, Managing Director, wrote about the results of COVID-19 and homeschooling, not just for kids, but all of us. Check it out here. 
Lender Lingo
Owner’s Title Insurance Policy – An Owner’s Title Policy insures the owner from claims from other parties, and all proceeds are paid to the owner and not the lender. This is the best way to insure your investment. Purchasing an Owner’s Title Policy will not alleviate the need to purchase the Lender’s Title Insurance Policy, but it will protect your equity in the property.
You now have free access to commodity and industry news from experts.
As part of the First Financial Family, you have access to The Feed!
The Feed is published by Farmer Mac agriculture economists and it contains commodity and land value trends, industry news and other information you need to know. This issue has articles on Pandemics and Demand, Production Risk Stemming from COVID-19, USDA Forecast for Working Capital and Current Debts, and much more. Find it here. 
Lemon Asparagus Chicken Pasta
Check out this recipe for a twist on your ordinary pasta. Get it here.