Additional Common Fees Effective February 1, 2024

Insufficient funds fee (*per item) applies to returned items regardless of the number of times the payment is presented (no daily limit) $32.00

Overdraft fee (*per item), applies to paid overdraft items, (no daily limit)

*Per item - created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means, as applicable

Instant statement $1.00
Special statement production, per statement $5.00
Returned check charge $7.00
Cashier’s checks $1,000.00 or less per item $5.00
Cashier’s checks over $1,000.00 per item $10.00
Research and/or Reconciliation per hour $25.00
Stop payment fee, per item $32.00
Overdraft Protection per transfer $10.00
Dormant Account Fees:

Checking, Money Market and Savings Account Fee per month

(An account is considered dormant after 182 days of inactive use. Fee does not apply to accounts with a balance of more than $100.)

Wire Transfer:
Wire transfer, outgoing $20.00
Wire transfer, incoming $10.00
International Wire, outgoing $75.00
International Wire, incoming $30.00
Collection Items:
Collection Item, Incoming $25.00
Collection Item, Outgoing $25.00
Foreign Drafts & Checks $25.00 + International Fees
Debit Card:
Debit Card Replacement (after 3rd replaced card) $10.00
Mascot Debit Cards $15.00
Mascot Debit Card Replacement $15.00 each replacement
Garnishment/Levy (each) $150.00