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  • We've been customers for 40 years and even with the changes in the bank's name, we've never noticed a difference in the quality of service. Our lending team in McCrory has always been very good to us and they make everything so easy. We're a family of five generations in farming, and we couldn't ask for a better partner than our bankers at First Financial Bank. Dewanna F., Des Arc, AR
  • I just want to say thank you to each one of you personally for all the hard work, time, and effort each one of you put in to make the PPP Loan Program successful. My loan was processed and approved just in time for our business to receive the loan. I know there is a lot of work involved to make this happen. Not only did we receive the loan but it was also forgiven, another process in itself. Thanks to all of you so much! This loan allowed our business to continue operations without any interruptions during the pandemic. Please pass my thank you along to everyone else who is involved in this process. I look forward to continuing my business and personal relationship with First Financial Bank for many years to come. Ronnie Curtis, President CURTIS HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING, INC.